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Visit my sister’s blog, The Vintage Sister Studio, to read about yesterday’s treasure hunting!  We picked up so many great new items for our vintage shops at Shupps Grove in Adamstown, PA.

2nd Annual Sister’s Getaway
to Adamstown, PA 2009

  I can’t wait to photograph them and get them into the shop!  Maybe one day I can quit my job and become a Junking Queen.  One can dream…..
The photo above is from 2008…our 1st Annual Sister’s Getaway.  I cannot believe how many unique and interesting things I found there.  If you’re famililar with Columbus Farmer’s Market, Shupps Grove is like that but much better because the quality of “stuff” is much higher and besides…it’s in the shade! Watch out for those deadly acorns in the fall though.  Yesterday, my sister and I almost bought Army helmets to protect ourselves.  A slight breeze through the tree limbs sent a shower of hundreds of them onto the crowd and tables, breaking merchandise along the way.   
Apparently, I didn’t get enough pickin’ in yesterday so Little Man and myself ventured over to Columbus Farmer’s Market for a short while after we had our breakfast at Bagelissimo.  Lil’ guy loves that place.  I got two wool plaid blankets and a decorative tin to match a tin I found yesterday.  Little Man bought a dinosaur for $1 and we also got a basket of peaches for a whopping $2.  He’s been on a crazy peach kick lately.  Well, that’s it for now.  Keep your eyes peeled on One Cozy Nest’s Etsy shop for all the great treasures. 


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