{Getting Away}

 I’m excited for tommorow.  I’m getting away for a day of “junking” with my favorite picking buddy.  My sister.  I love my sister.  She is my best friend.  My favorite person.  She is my other half.
{The Vintage Sister & One Cozy Nest}
When we were little, six years made a big difference.  She was in highschool when I was eight years old.  Highschoolers don’t hang out with eight-year-olds.  I think we fought a lot.  I stole her clothes and lied about it.  I’m pretty positive I was annoying.  As we got older and more mature, those six years don’t matter as much.  So Tracy, if you’re reading this…I’m sorry for being your bratty little sister all those years.  I hope I’ve made up for it.  Now, let’s get ready for our ROAD TRIP!!! 
{The Fall Run} Vintage Camping Car
But first thing’s first.  I’ll need my coffee.  Large, please.  Extra cream and 2 sweeteners.  I like my coffee to taste….well, not like coffee.  Okay, now we’re ready to get on the road.
In case you’re wondering where we’re headed, I’ll let you in.  There’s a place.  A wonderful little place.  It’s called Adamstown, PA.  You get there from our neck of the woods via the Pennsylvania Turnpike.   
{MarinaWilliams} Pennsylvania Turnpike Drinking Glasses
The main drag through town is lined with very little except antique and junk shops…one after another. A diner here, a gas station there, and an overly crowded ice cream parlor we’ve never managed to enter. Who really cares about ice cream when there’s so much junk to sift through anyway? It is heaven.

{Sweet Ann Vintage} Ice Cream Maker Freezer Eskimo
 The town used to be known for their hat and hosiery industry.  Now the old hat factory depicted in the vintage collector’s plate below has been turned into….you guessed it!  An antique and collectible co-op called The Mad Hatter.  Last time we visited, my sister and I shopped until the place closed for the night.  It’s one of our favorite places.
{TiffanyPalisi} Adamstown, PA Bicentennial Plate
 So, after tomorrow, expect to see great things listed in our vintage shops.  Mine is called One Cozy Nest, while my sister’s is called Vintage Sister Soup.  Check them both out for some delightful vintage finds. 


{Vintage Sister Soup}

{One Cozy Nest}


  1. Ooooh, I am SO jealous! There's nothing I love more than a good thrifting trip….not that I get to go very often! You and I have a lot in common, a sister 6 years older than us, and a background in the sciences (I have Bachelor's in Biology). Wishing your Etsy store and your blog lots of success!

  2. This sounds like a great adventure. I love going junking! Great blog. Thank you so much for including my plate in it!

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