{Red….then Blue}

This weekend started out all about red.  I’m not sure why.  They say red is the color of power, of passion, of love.  I’m not sure which one of these I was feeling, maybe a combination, but every single thing I purchased at my favorite antique mall had some element of red to it.  But it wasn’t just me.
{To Be Determined} Plaid Full Mini Skirt
My picking companion did the same.  I didn’t notice this until we
placed all of our treasures on the counter together.  Simpatico. 


{Dovie Moon} Butter Dish Set

I also noticed that there were bar codes on all of the tags but the man never used them.  As the line built up behind us, we watched as he very slowly…..and meticulously…..peeled each sticker off, carefully lined them up on the counter, then hunt-and-pecked the keys for each item, one by one, commenting here and there about how the seller spelled a word wrong, spouting out little tidbits of information on what we bought. 
{Vintage Jewels And More} Mushroom Trays, Red and Blue
I had to catch my impatient self and try not to be annoyed. 
I had nowhere to be. 
No rush.  
It was a lovely day and I was happy. 
Ten or so minutes later we were out the door with all of our red goodies. 
{Kitch Cafe} Two Briard Tumblers
 Later that night we saw a painting.  It was very blue.  Blue is calm.  Blue is restful, wise, and loyal.  Yet, a simple line of red….just one quick stroke of the hand….rested at the bottom.  It drew the eye.  I moved in to get a closer look.  Then back again.  The entire painting seemed to move from left to right…it was like reading a story.  It stuck in the mind of my companion so stronlgy that even a dinner menu was hard to concentrate on.  The artist told us that it was so new that he hadn’t even named it yet.  When he wrote up the receipt…he said, “Blue.”       

{Al Lachman (b. 1936)} Although this is not the painting “Blue”
I spoke of above, it has always been one of my personal favorites. 
Visit his gallery at Peddler’s Villiage in Lahaska, PA and if you don’t fall in love
with the art, you’ll fall in love with the warmth and kindness.


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