{My Capable Hands}

I remember reading a quote by actress Meg Ryan a very long time ago.  When asked by an interviewer what she would and wouldn’t change about her appearance she said she’d like longer legs.  Then she said,

“…but the one thing I wouldn’t change is my hands.  I think I’ve got very capable looking hands.” 

It struck a chord in me and I have always remembered it.  Sometimes when I’ve had a tough day and feel like I’m not doing a good job, I look down at them and say to myself, “I’ve got capable hands.”  And they are.

One of the first things they touch in the morning are my son’s warm sleepy cheeks.  I pull his face close and give him a kiss.  Then they touch his clothes, his vitamin, breakfast, hair, lunchbox.  Then my own clothes, hair, breakfast.  Bills, credit card statements, junk mail, letter from my Grandmother, keyboard, documents, telephone, packages.  They hold doors for strangers.  They scrub the toilet.  They cook dinner.  They kill an army of ants marching across the kitchen floor towards the sink.  They pick dust bunnies out from under the couch along with a few dried up raisins.  They write checks for charity and hang art projects up on the fridge.  They give high fives, clean spilled sticky juice.  They bathe, they turn the page back so he can look at the big volcano for the 10th time, they tuck in, they cover up.  They turn out the light and close the door.  My hands are very capable hands. 
I hope you find inspiration from these hands…

{Vintagous} Ivory Kid Gloves
{Stone School Vintage} Industrial Latex Glove Mold
{One Cozy Nest} Angel Statue Wearing Blue Gown
{The Lazy Peacock} Brass Hand Paper Holder


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