My latest project…

Good evening all! It’s almost time for “Date Night” for my husband and I, so I wanted to hurry up and post this entry about my latest project. I bought a huge spool of baker’s twine the other day from Ebay seller, wesellcoffee. I didn’t realize just how much is on one spool so I think I have about a lifetime’s supply. Anyway, I wanted to use it to make my own hang tags for my handbags and other crafts that I sell on Etsy. I bought a circle punch at the craft store today and then dug through the recycling pile in the garage in search of something I could reuse. What I found was a JC Penney gift box that had a cool striped pattern! So I got to punching and stringing and prest-o change-0…handmade, eco-friendly hang tags for my eco-friendly handbags. Hey, that rhymed!


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