Eco-Tip Wednesday ~ Brown Baggin’ It is OUT!

Do you remember toting your lunch to school in a little brown paper bag with your name carefully written on it by your mom? Perhaps she was sweet enough to leave you a little love note on the napkin. These days, that little brown bag has been replaced with lunch boxes and soft sided coolers, which are definitely more eco friendly than using a throw away bag every day. However, the stuff that’s INSIDE those lunch boxes is the topic of this week’s Eco Tip Wednesday posting.

Plastic wrap, sandwich baggies, plastic utencils, and paper napkins probably go into your and your kids’ lunches ever day and end up in the trash. Why not use cloth napkins like these from Etsy seller gnomeclothes? Instead of packing plastic forks and knives, send junior (or yourself) to school or work with a set of stainless steel ones from a junk shop that can be brought home to be washed over and over again?

That still doesn’t resolve the issue of what to wrap your sandwich in. You can’t have your turkey on rye floating around all willy nilly, now can you? Try wrap-n-mats, a reusable sandwich wrap made from a washable, waterproof fabric! OR for a complete eco-friendly mealtime ensemble, try these stylish lunch kits by Etsy seller glueandglitter!
Happy Green Baggin’ It!


  1. Very cool! I like this. I try to reuse my baggies as long as I can and take a cloth bag to work with my lunch. I am trying to be more mindful of the trash I produce.
    Nice tips!

  2. Kelli! Glad to hear someone else tries to keep trash down at mealtimes. 🙂 Thanks for visiting and keep coming back for more eco tips! Have a nice day.

  3. Our school sponsors “Waste Free Wednesdays” at lunchtime each week which encourages parents to find ways to use reusable containers, napkins, utensils, and water bottles rather than using throw-away pre-packaged ones. It’s tough..but we get better every week and practice what we learned every day rather than just on Wednesday! Thanks for the napkin link…bought several sets from her and my kids can’t wait to use them!

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