How to Get Motivated When You Feel Blah

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Get Motivated to Tackle Your To Do List
I’m often so inspired by DIY home decor projects that I see in places like Pinterest or on HGTV, yet I lament over the lack of free time I have.  I think, “Hey, I could do that! That looks so easy!” Or “They spent how much on that?!  I could make that myself!”.    But alas, the day-to-day chores, baseball games, diaper changing duties, and that pesky thing called a job take over and at the end of the day I find the couch and the remote more appealing than breaking out my craft supplies. 
I recently chatted with a friend about this and she brought up something called a Power Hour.  Gretchen Rubin, author of The Happiness Project, describes how there is nothing more exhausting than the task that’s never started.  She explains how we’re supposed to use the Power Hour to tackle nagging tasks that have no real deadline but are weighing on our minds.  My “to do” list is filled with these little buggers.  And it keeps on growing.
I was supposed to implement the Power Hour tactic this weekend to make my daughter’s keepsake baby blanket.  She’ll be 1 in two weeks.  How bad is that?  But since the weather was so beautiful, albeit windy-as-all-get-out, I decided to take advantage and tackle a project that required some outdoor space. 


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