How To Make a Decoupage Spring Birds Nest

How To Make a Decoupage Spring Birds Nest
This is the latest creation my craft group made for the upcoming Spring season.  With the exception of the silver German glass glitter, all of the materials were gathered from either the dollar store or the dollar bin at the craft store.  The glitter can be found at a lot of places online, but I got mine from  It’s pure silver and is made from actual little shards of glass, so you want to be careful not to get it all over your workspace.  I glitter things over an open plastic tub like a rubbermaid shoe box-sized container.
First we used mod podge to decoupage vintage sheet music from a hymnal to a paper machet bird form.  This, to me was the hardest part because of all the curves on the bird.  You had to use such tiny, sometimes pea-sized, scraps of paper.  Once it was dry though, my sister added beads for eyes on all of our birds.

Next was the moss.  As we broke it apart it released a very earthy dust and it was kind of strange in a way.  We had a little clear plastic bowl and just spread hot glue in small areas and smashed the moss to the glue.  We did this inside and out, making sure to cover all of the plastic.

My sister had gathered some branches from a neighbor’s lawn and we glued little flowers onto them to make them look like springtime blooms.  The branches were hot glued onto the nest and then our bird was placed on the edge.  We also made little tiny pennant flags that read “SPRING” and glued them to branches as well so that Mama bird had something to celebrate with.  

Finally, we added some colored eggs and a spring-colored ribbon to make the Mama bird happy.  A lot of us thought the eggs would look stunning glittered in silver so that’s just what I did when I got home.  I didn’t stop there, though.  I also glittered the bird’s beak and tail, the pennant, and the centers of the flowers.  I think she came out quite pretty!

Happy Spring everybody!  Credit for this craft idea and execution goes to my wonderfully talented sister, Tracy.  You can read her blog here.  She’s pretty awesome.  🙂

As always, stay cozy!


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