Welcome to my blog! I created this blog so that I could share a little bit more about myself and my ongoing projects with my customers on Etsy.com and my online shop at http://www.mandybbags.com/. For starters, I’m 31 years old, a mother of a baby boy (6 mo.), and wife of 6 1/2 years. I live in a NJ town not too far away from the city of Philadelphia, PA. I’m a stay-at-home mom until my little man turns one so I am able to do a lot of fun projects while he naps (I’ve been blessed with a good sleeper…don’t hate me).

I’ve been sewing most of my life but in 2000, I started making funky handbags out of thrift store finds like housecoats and bedspreads. Ever since I got pregnant with my son though, I have been making baby products like diaper bags, slings, cloth wipes (I use cloth diapers too), burp cloths, embroidered onesies, loopy balls, baby blankets, etc. I really enjoy having a creative side and I sometimes wonder what I would do with my time if I didn’t have a hobby. I am really lucky to have an entire room dedicated to my crafts and I like to call it my “studio” even though it’s just a glorified bedroom. I literally used to have just a small corner to do my crafts when my husband and I lived in an apartment, so this is a really nice upgrade. My hubby has his basement, I have my craft room. I think separate space is good for a marriage! 🙂

More on me and my crafts later. If you stumble upon this blog and don’t know where to find me, you can find me here:



My talented sister can be found at thevintagesister.etsy.com


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