{They’re Baaaaaack…}

Joey, Danny, Jonathan, Jordan, and Donnie…yep, I’m talkin’ NKOTB ladies! New Kids On The Block are back and are going on tour, can you believe it?! My husband makes fun of me because I’m in my 30s and I still listen to their Christmas album every year, despite how hokey it sounds. Did anyone notice that “I’ll Be Lovin’ You Forever” was on the last episode of Ugly Betty? Anyway, my friend Vikki and I just bought tickets to their show in September up in East Rutherford, NJ. I cannot wait to see just how many pathetic 30-somethings like myself show up to rekindle their childhood crushes…who was your favorite? Mine was Jonathan by far, and then Joey as a close second. I saved a couple of NKOTB patches that I wanted to sew onto my stylin’ jean jacket, so maybe I can fashion something to wear to the show. Okay, now I’m cracking myself up.


  1. I think as long as you can laugh at yourself it is okay! don’t you think they need to change their name? But then I guess we woudln’t know who they are! Poor planning on someones part when they picked that name, but then I guess none of us think we will ever get older when we are that age. Have a great time!

  2. Who you callin’ a dork? You can’t tell my you and Steve won’t be going to Van Halen concerts when you’re like, say 50 or 60. Please, you know Steve will be doing his air drums until the day he dies!

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