One Cozy Nest

Hi everyone! Believe it or not, yesterday was the first day of Spring…you probably already knew that, but it sure crept up on me! My husband reminded me by asking me if I wanted to go to Rita’s for waterice, which they give away for free on the first day of Spring. It was in the mid 40s, so it didn’t feel like Spring. However, the flowering trees and shrubs in my neighborhood are blooming already, just in time for Easter. My family isn’t huge on Easter but my sister is having us over to her house for a casual brunch. It’s Cooper’s first Easter, so I got him a basket, some paper grass, and some of those plastic eggs. What I’ll put in there I have no idea, but I just had to do something for his first, you know? Maybe I’ll get some treats for myself and stick them in there. Haha! Tonight, my sister’s family is coming over to dye Easter eggs, which we make sure we do every year.

Onto another subject. I’ve been thinking for quite some time about changing my “brand” name from mandy b. bags to something else that will reflect the fact that I make more than just bags. I’m getting a bit bored with making handbags for the time being. I still enjoy it, but since I started making them in 2000, there are so many other girls doing the same or similar thing. Granted, a smaller number of them are using vintage and recycled fabrics, but still, it’s a lot of competition. You log on to Etsy or Ebay or just do a google search and there are a gazillion handmade handbags. With that said, I’m leaning more towards making things that I love. Things that I want to have in my own home, things I wish I could afford but know I can make myself, things that I am attracted to in magazines, flea markets, and antique stores. Take, for example, these vintage fabric buntings that I just made….or the pillows I posted about a couple of days ago. These came from the heart and I want my name to reflect the feeling I get when making things like these. So with a lot of thought and internet searching (to make sure my new name wasn’t already being used), I’ve come up with One Cozy Nest. I registered the name with Etsy and also went and registered the domain name In the coming months, I am going to try to consolidate my Etsy shops (mandybbags and mandybbaby) into the One Cozy Nest shop and then re-work my website. So, you’ll be seeing new categories for home, kitchen and bath, and hopefully they’ll fill up with goodies. We’ll see where this takes us!

Happy Easter to everyone!


  1. Jan

    Hi Mandy–
    I remember seeing your pretty vintage handbags so long ago! I love the name “one cozy nest” – perfect for your new endeavor! If you ever have things I can feature on my blog Scoutie Girl (, let me know!

    All the best
    Jan D.

  2. Woo hoo! Another business venture. Many many conversations and brainstorming!!!! Sisterly bonding!!
    I’m so excited! Let’s get started.
    Your Sister fo sho!

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