{My School Days}

{My School Days}

I remember how excited I used to get when September rolled around and my mother would let us pick out new clothes from the JC Penney catalog. I remember plaid shirts and dresses with thick tights underneath and koolats in purple, my favorite color at the time. I also remember the awful feeling of the seams of my socks against my toes.  These shoes remind me of that feeling: 

Child’s Maryjane Shoes $7.49

Oh how I hated that feeling! I used to wear my Whinnie the Poo fur-lined boots with bare feet in the dead of summer. Now that Uggs are all the rage…I like to think that I started the trend and it just took a really long time to really take off.

My favorite subject in grade school and on up through college was science and biology. I will never forget my first frog dissection. The smell was awful!   The nerd in me has started to collect small microscopes and display them in my home:

1919 Biology Lab Book $24.99

Then there was my Benji lunchbox with matching thermos made by the Aladdin company.  I think it was the plastic variety, not the metal, but still just as cool.  This one is very old school and made of metal by Thermos:

Metal Thermos Brand Lunchbox $11.49 

Was anyone else a master of covering heir text books with brown paper bags like I was?

High School Crest Sign $24.99

How about writing your name in cursive next to the name of your latest crush? Yup. Note folding? Pro. My son is only 4 but next year will be his first year in kindergarten. I hope he will have fond memories of his school days too!


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