My Latest Project…

I’ve been sick with some kind of 48 hour bug the past two days, but luckily that has passed and I’m feeling great now! Here are some pictures of my latest project. I wanted to add some pizzaz to the big red couch in my living room, so with the artistic help of my sister, I made these great pillows. They’re all made from natural-toned canvas. Each has a fabric backing of red & white striped fabric with an opening in the middle to insert pillow forms. One has a hand-painted letter “B” for my last name, of course, the other has just a “No. 3″…no real significance there, just that my sister painted it. The House Pillow, I designed myself, and I’m going to have my sister paint a number on it for me next time I see her. It has four windows that I made into photo frames by using clear plastic. I used the frames to display some old black & whites of my great grandmother, grandparents, and other relatives when they were young. The roof is red and white striped and the sky is baby blue with white polka dots to simulate clouds. The big red door is felt and has a tiny little vintage button as a door knob. Don’t you love the awning over the door? That’s so no one gets rained on while looking for their keys. I stitched the detail onto the shutters, door, and awning, which gives the pillow a kind of folk artsy feel. Anyway, I’m real proud of these so I wanted to show them off. Thanks for looking!


  1. Rikkianne, Thanks! I had so much fun designing and making it. I listed it as a custom item on my Etsy shop for people to order. Just figured I’d see what happens! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by.

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