Little Birdies….

I recently loaded up my birdfeeder. From my second story studio window I can see the birds perched on the tree branches right above the feeder. They keep going up and down, up and down all morning long. I’m tempted to nerd it up and break out my bird field guide. Sometimes I wonder if any of my neighbors think I’m spying on them when I break out my binoculars! I sure hope not…and I also hope I never accidentally see something I’m not supposed to. Now that Spring is getting a little bit closer, my sister is starting to paint things with birds in them. Here is one of her most recent works of art. I love it, don’t you?

My mom is it town from Florida so she can visit with my grandmother, who is not well. I’ve been helping her set up her own Etsy shop. It’s called Green Baby Goods. She wants to get back into sewing and crafting and so she’s been making some cloth baby wipes and burp cloths and selling them as gift sets. This is her most recent set, which has cute little owls on it. Check her out if you need a great baby shower gift. I made some of these for myself and I use them every single day.

Today is a gray kind of day and I’m still in my PJs. I think I might just stay in them all day long! I’m sure my baby Cooper won’t mind one bit. 🙂


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