{Latest Project ~ Rain Barrel}

A couple weeks ago I installed a rain barrel on the side of my house to collect rain from my roof to water my plants. The rain barrel was made by a company called Terracycle, owned by two Princeton graduates. They turn unwanted wine barrels into useful things like rain barrels and compost bins. The inside is still stained from the wine and you can still smell it when it’s wet. Pretty cool. I’m quite proud of my accomplishment because I did it 99.9% by myself. The only thing I had help with was getting it into and out of my car. Thanks Jeffy! However, this sense of accomplishment was a teensy bit marred by the fact that, in the process of installing this barrel, I cut a wire that screwed up our sprinkler system. The problem has been fixed but it cost some dough. Anyway, it gave us an excuse to upgrade our ancient control box. Below, you’ll find some pics of the project. Next project will be to complete a gravel and steppingstone pathway, next to the barrel, leading from the driveway and through the garden.

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