{Latest Project ~ Bingo Madness}

My husband hosts a poker game at our house once a month, so a lot of bottle caps are generated as a result. For years now, he has been “collecting” them in a bin next to the recycling container. When I ask him why he’s collecting them, he doesn’t have an answer, really. He just likes to collect things, what can I say? The other day I decided that I was going to put some of them to good use! I’m all for recycling things and turning them into new lovely things! So I picked some out and made these adorable, kitchy fridge magnets using some of my vintage BINGO cards.
You can find them for sale up in my Etsy shop called One Cozy Nest. They are backed with super strong rare earth magnets so even though they are small, they really hold tight. I also have a ton of vintage road maps lying around and I plan on using them to make more bottlecap magnet sets. Stay tuned and check my shop regularly!


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