I Was Tagged!

I was tagged by my lovely sister Tracy from The Vintage Sister Studio…so here are 5 random, and unknown facts about me:

1. Similarly to my sister, I sleep with a stuffed Pound Puppy named Lucky (since I was 8 years old). Along those same lines, I’ll tell you another embarassing secret. For some reason, I’ve always felt like stuffed animals have feelings. Like, I get upset when I see a dirty ratty old stuffed animal strapped to the front grill of a tractor trailer. I imagine what it would be like to be that poor thing! And if I’m picking out a stuffed animal or doll for someone at a store, I absolutely HAVE to buy the first one I pick up because I would feel so terrible putting it back down again.

2. After college, I drove across the country with three other girls. The most memorable part of the trip was when we camped at this dinky little camground in Cody, Wyoming surrounded by mountains and cowboys (yummy). My friend Rebecca and I slept under the starry sky and made these rediculous plans to live out there one day. Looking back at that night I crack up at how rediculous I was but I will always remember how I felt. Good times.

3. I have had more than one steamy sex dream about Adam Sandler. I know, why Adam Sandler? I don’t know. I just think he’s so funny and I have always fallen for guys that make me laugh.

4. I cloth diaper my son Cooper. I even use cloth wipes. Apparently, I’m a member of a rare breed. My pediatrician, who is a member of a large, multi-office practice, says that I’m the only one he’s seen who cloth diapers. Not one of my friends, not even my environmental co-workers use them. I don’t understand it! My mom thinks I should hold a seminar through my pediatrician’s office. Haha!

5. I am constantly doing stupid things and making dumb mistakes. Luckily I just laugh it off instead of getting mad. Like, “I’ll just paint this thing in my good jeans…I won’t get paint on them because I’ll be really careful.” Ruined jeans. “I’ll put this piece of fabric aside so I don’t cut it because it’s my last bit.” Picked it up 2 minutes later thinking “ooo, I have more of this fabric”, and cut it up. Or, “I’ll put this soda right here next to my sewing machine. I won’t spill it because I’ll be extra careful.” Spilled soda, ruined project.

Now I have to tag someone else! Look out, it might just be you!


  1. Hey Mandy B.,
    I think you should do a weekly eco tip! Like maybe tell us all about the importance of not using plastic bags, since that is an easy thing most of us can tackle!

  2. hurrah for cloth diapers. no little ones yet for me but i was asking my grandmother over the holidays about cloth diapers(since i new that she had used them) and she said”you always want to make your life so difficult!” i forgive her- but no- i want to make my life better. and so does mandy b!!!
    and thanks for tagging me! it was pretty revealing some deep dark dorky secrets!

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