{Home Baked Goodness}

{Home Baked Goodness}
What’s better than a warm batch of homemade Chocolate Chip Cookies?  If you even bother answering anything other than “Nothing.”, remove yourself from this blog immediately!  All kidding aside, I’d take these with me on a desert island if it was the only thing I could eat.
 While I’d end up being too fat to even be rescued from said island, I’d still choose these over any other food item.  The recipe is actually a “secret” one that was sort of handed down to me by my roommate from college and her husband.  Kim would go home from school every weekend and her parents would often send her home with a round tin of the most delicious chocolate chip cookies I’ve ever tasted.  They were heaven.  I’d never tasted anything like it.   
Oval Yellow Tin, 1950s {$14.24}
After college, I tried to recreate them to no avail.  Any time I asked about the recipe, she’d say “Oh, it’s just the recipe from the Nestle’s chocolate chip bag.”  I don’t think so!!  They never came out right.  Kim continued to make these for me and my family any time we came up to her house to visit.  Still, the same thing…just the recipe from the bag.  It went on like this for several years until they finally CRACKED!!  Although the recipe is, in fact, based on the one printed on the bag, there are a few minor details that make a major difference in texture and taste.  I like a chewy, yet subtly crispy chocolate chip cookie.  These are exactly that.
Vintage Aluminum Measuring Cups {$7.99}

If you’re wondering, no I’m not going to give up the secrets!  Kim’s father, John, passed away very suddenly this past October and every time I have made these cookies since, I think of him.  Her parents were like my own anytime I came to visit.  They made me feel so comfortable in their home and these cookies represent that feeling.  I will always remember him as a very kind man, his smile, and how he always treated me like one of his own.


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