Eco-Tip Wednesday ~ Doo You?

Do you pick up after your pet? Well, if you don’t, you’re contributing to a growing pollution problem. Studies show that pet waste left behind (no pun intended) contributes to high levels of bacteria in waterways, including the ocean. Many beaches have been closed due to dangerous levels of disease-causing bacteria from pooch poo that dog owners ignore. The bacteria in your dog’s leavings include E. coli, fecal coliform bacteria, salmonella and giardia. Pretty nasty stuff, right?

Although I pick up after my dogs when walking them in public places, I am guilty of not picking up my yard. This is going to have to change because now I have a son who will want to play out back and I don’t want him getting sick or tracking in the mess. So I’ve researched eco-friendly disposal methods and what I’ve found is a doggie doo composting system that you can make yourself! All you need is a shovel, a plastic trash can with lid, some crushed stone for drainage, and some enzyme-active powder to help aid in the breakdown of the waste. Over time, the powder and water help digest the waste and break it down into a liquid that filters through the soil. The soil is a wonderful filter that absorbs the nutrients and bacteria so that it doesn’t make it into surface or ground water. After a few years, you’re supposed to clean out the hole and start over. What you will be left with is a great fertilizer for your ornamental (not veggie or herb!!) garden.


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