{Artist’s Pouches}

Last spring, my sister, the artist, inspired me to make these little Artist’s Pouches and they ended up selling out! This year, I’m offering these exclusively to The Vintage Sister’s Blog followers for $9.50 (free shipping). Go to her blog, read her latest post and become a follower if you haven’t already. Once you have the “secret code” contained within the post, contact me at onecozynest@comcast.net with which one you’d like (first come first serve).

Right now I only have 5, but there are 5 more in the works (see below for all the pictures). They’re designed to hold pencils, paint brushes, knitting needles, and anything else long and skinny! My pouches are a simple and convenient way to stay organized. They can also fit sunglasses, money, makeup, chap stick, bubble gum…the possibilities are endless. Who knew cuteness could be so affordable?!

Measurements & Specifications:
8″ long, 2″ deep, 2″ high
Fully lined with vintage fabric
Zipper closure

flowered w/ blue zipper SOLD thank you!


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