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{On the workbench at One Cozy Nest}

beforeTonight’s project is something I picked up months ago at a local barn sale that my husband and I frequent.  It’s a small green accent table that was used as a little message center…back when telephone books needed a place to live besides your recycling bin.  Well, at least that’s where mine lives!  I have a little obsession with telephone tables.  I bought one in 1999 at a roadside yard sale for my very first apartment.  It was the kind that had the bench attached, though.  It was symbolic, in a way, as it was my first purchase towards independent living…flying the coop.  It was very useful for a while, but I ended up letting it go after I moved into my first house and began my “grown-up” decorating.  After I placed it on the curb outside my home, I hoped someone would snatch it up.  Well, later that day, I saw it on the side of a neighbor’s garage.  I hope it found a good loving home!

The green on the table was not exactly eye-catching, so I wanted to turn up the color dial a little….well, a lot.  So I decided to give it a nice coating of CeCe Caldwell’s Emerald Isle green chalk paint.  Wow!  Holy cow, is that bold.  I like it.  I’ll add some glaze or wax to add some dimension to the piece, but for now, I wanted to show you the first stages.  I drilled a One Cozy Nest uses CeCe Caldwell's Emerald Isle green chalk and clay paintnice one-inch hole in the back so that I can market it for use as a charging station and message center.  No one uses phone books anymore, do they?  So the little shelf is perfect for all those new-fangled devices us young whipper-snappers are using these days! I’ll be sure to update you on the progress complete with before and after photos and techniques.

As always, stay cozy!