{From Dingy & Dirty to Fun & Flirty ~ Yellow Dresser Reveal}


Today, I’ll reveal to you how I turned a very dingy and dirty curbside find into a stunningly fun and flirty storage dresser for my family room!  You can read about my trash picking adventure here, but how I acquired this gem is not nearly as exciting as how I transformed it with just a can of paint and some new hardware.

  1.  Clean & Prep

The dresser sat in my garage for a while until I found the time to clean it thoroughly.  Notice my supplies included my daughter’s video monitor.  Gotta love nap time.  IMG_8600I first removed the drawer pulls and tossed them because I knew I wanted to replace them with something stylish and fun.  Then, I vacuumed the loose dirt out of the tiny grooves with my hand-held vacuum.  Finally, I wiped it down really well using some microfiber cloths dampened with a solution of very warm water mixed with a couple cap-fulls of TSP.  It’s a great product to remove dirt, grime, and stuck on grease or goo that sometimes gets caked onto furniture.  I use TSP any time I want to paint furniture since it removes anything that might prevent paint from adhering to the piece.  Another tip is to always use gloves when handling a chemical. Your skin is like a sponge, so treat it accordingly.  Let the piece dry thoroughly before painting.  I usually wait at least a few hours or the next day.

2.  Paint


I took advantage of a nice sunny day and painted each of the drawers with 2 to 3 coats of CeCe Caldwell’s Carolina Sun Yellow, purchased online from Glitter Farm.  Chalk paint dries very quickly, so on this warm breezy day, I finished all of the coats in no time at all.  Just look how bright and cheerful this yellow is!  I admit, this color is definitely not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, but I love that it’s the first thing I see when I walk into my house.  It’s one of my happy colors for sure! IMG_4500

IMG_0185I had to wait for another afternoon to paint the body of the dresser, but I did so in the same exact manner.  Nothin’ to it.  Note that I did not paint the inside of the drawers and I also skipped painting the inside of the dresser.  Eventually, I’d like to add some contact paper with a graphic design or some decoupage paper to the inside of the drawers, but that’s a whole other project and an entirely different post!

3.   New Hardware

After I was done with the paint job, I didn’t want to keep it in the garage anymore.  It was too pretty and I didn’t want it getting dusty again, nor did I want to risk bicycle handles or recycling bins being scraped against it.  So, I brought it inside to finish the next couple of steps.


I went to the craft & hobby store and picked out some new hardware.  I normally would never have spent $10/pull, but since I dug this baby out of the trash, I felt that I could splurge on exactly what I wanted for the hardware.  That’s the beauty of these kinds of projects!  If you don’t want to shell out that much dough for hardware, the thrift store and flea markets are terrific resources for finding bags of old hardware removed from furniture.  There are so many ways to update old metal hardware.  Pinterest is a great resource for ideas on that topic.


Unfortunately, when I got the new drawer pulls home, the holes in the drawers
didn’t line up.  So I measured and broke out my trusty cordless drill and made pilot holes exactly where I needed them.  Then, I simply screwed on the little bolts that came with the hardware, stood back, and admired the new look!  yellow painted dresser
4.  Seal

The last step…and I actually should have done this BEFORE I put the hardware on…was to seal my lemony yellow masterpiece with a topcoat of some kind.  I am loving CeCe Caldwell’s clear wax these days.  I’ve sealed and buffed the top and the drawer fronts, but I haven’t gotten around to doing the sides yet.  Most of the projects around my home are usually not 100% complete.  What can I say?  It’ll nag at me long enough and I’ll eventually get around to it.

5.  Wax the Drawers

This last step was sort of unexpected. You see, after painting the drawer sides, the drawers didn’t slide in and out very smoothly due to friction.  They were hard to pull open and it got pretty annoying really quick.  So, I grabbed a regular white wax candle stick and rubbed it on the sides of the drawers and on the runners inside the dresser.  Perfecto!  This is a trick that you can use for sticky wooden windows too.


Now, my husband has somewhere to store his growing Yankee Candle collection!  Yes, he has one.  Don’t ask questions.  I love that he has a feminine side.  I highly doubt any of his friends read my blog, so I think his secret’s safe.  I use the other drawers to store the kids’ sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug spray for easy access when running out of the door, and extra lap blankets for movie nights.




{Telephone Table Turned Charging Station}

telephone_tableI just finished this lovely little piece.  I transformed it into a convenient charging station by simply adding a 1″-diameter hole in the back.  The previous owner painted the table a pea-green and in some areas that were lightly distressed, you can see it peeking through.  It was coated in natural wax and buffed to a nice sheen.  It’s listed for sale in my Etsy shop, One Cozy Nest Vintage.

Here, you can see the details:

IMG_8669 IMG_8668 copy IMG_8666 IMG_8664 IMG_8663 copy IMG_8658 copy IMG_8656 copy

{On the workbench at One Cozy Nest}

beforeTonight’s project is something I picked up months ago at a local barn sale that my husband and I frequent.  It’s a small green accent table that was used as a little message center…back when telephone books needed a place to live besides your recycling bin.  Well, at least that’s where mine lives!  I have a little obsession with telephone tables.  I bought one in 1999 at a roadside yard sale for my very first apartment.  It was the kind that had the bench attached, though.  It was symbolic, in a way, as it was my first purchase towards independent living…flying the coop.  It was very useful for a while, but I ended up letting it go after I moved into my first house and began my “grown-up” decorating.  After I placed it on the curb outside my home, I hoped someone would snatch it up.  Well, later that day, I saw it on the side of a neighbor’s garage.  I hope it found a good loving home!

The green on the table was not exactly eye-catching, so I wanted to turn up the color dial a little….well, a lot.  So I decided to give it a nice coating of CeCe Caldwell’s Emerald Isle green chalk paint.  Wow!  Holy cow, is that bold.  I like it.  I’ll add some glaze or wax to add some dimension to the piece, but for now, I wanted to show you the first stages.  I drilled a One Cozy Nest uses CeCe Caldwell's Emerald Isle green chalk and clay paintnice one-inch hole in the back so that I can market it for use as a charging station and message center.  No one uses phone books anymore, do they?  So the little shelf is perfect for all those new-fangled devices us young whipper-snappers are using these days! I’ll be sure to update you on the progress complete with before and after photos and techniques.

As always, stay cozy!


{Zippered Doodle Pouch Tutorial}

This tutorial is in the works, and will be updated shortly.  My sister is an artist and I am a seamstress.  I always feel funny about calling myself a seamstress because it’s not actually my profession, just a hobby, really.  But my sister most definitely is an artist.  A very good one, I’d like to add.  For this tutorial, we decided that we are going to collaborate.  My sister will be using permanent fabric pens to doodle on the pattern pieces before I sew the zippered pouches up.  fabric markersThe artwork is optional, though.  Instead, just cut the pattern pieces out of regular fabric instead of the white fabric that we used.  If you can use a pair of scissors and sew a straight line, this is the project for you!

{Weekend Makeover ~ Chippy Toy Chest Turned End Table}

One of my Shupp’s Grove picks this year, during my annual Sister’s Getaway Weekend, was this awesome aqua blue (my favorite color) side table, made out of reclaimed wood.  The vendor told me it came from her uncle’s house and that they used it as a toy box when they were kids.  The top is hinged and opens to reveal a roomy spot to put lots of stuff into….I’ve got 2 kids so the possibilities are endless!

I love how you can see the wear and tear on the legs and the top (not pictured), where the tiny little hands flipped it open over and over again.  What’s also interesting is all of the different kinds of bolts, nails, and screws that were used to put it together.  No leg is attached in the same manner, but it’s a sturdy little piece!  One sunny weekend, my son helped me wash the dirt and grime off of it.  Then I sanded it down using a palm sander on another very windy day.   Thank goodness for the wind because it made me feel better about the possibility of the paint containing lead.  The huge gusts of wind whisked it all away!  

I wanted it to go in this spot…where an old stationery cabinet used to sit. That piece was purchased at a local barn sale.  The drawers don’t come out too easily, but they work well enough to store seasonal items in it like sunscreen, sunglasses, and odds and ends like cell phone chargers and stuff like that.

I am contemplating repainting the front of my chippy aqua blue toy chest because some funky drip marks did not sand out like I thought they would.  I doubt I’ll find an exact match to the paint, but I can sure try.  I’m considering using my new supply of CeCe Caldwell Chalk and Clay paint.  I’ll post about that project if I ever get around to it.  Then, I’ll apply a coat of finishing wax to seal in the paint completely and protect it.  

So, here it now sits in my family room.  I’m still deciding if I like it there.  It’s quite a bit smaller than I imagined it to be.  

Now, my West Elm hack owl lamp has a new home where he can be seen a little better than in his last home, all tucked into the corner on the opposite side of our grey sectional couch.  I bought an ugly semi-realistic looking owl lamp complete with creepy, bright yellow eyes.  I spray painted it bright white.  It cost about $35 as opposed to the very costly brand new one at West Elm.  
Well, I hope you enjoyed hearing about some of my projects.  
As always, stay cozy!

{Artist’s Pouches}

Last spring, my sister, the artist, inspired me to make these little Artist’s Pouches and they ended up selling out! This year, I’m offering these exclusively to The Vintage Sister’s Blog followers for $9.50 (free shipping). Go to her blog, read her latest post and become a follower if you haven’t already. Once you have the “secret code” contained within the post, contact me at onecozynest@comcast.net with which one you’d like (first come first serve).

Right now I only have 5, but there are 5 more in the works (see below for all the pictures). They’re designed to hold pencils, paint brushes, knitting needles, and anything else long and skinny! My pouches are a simple and convenient way to stay organized. They can also fit sunglasses, money, makeup, chap stick, bubble gum…the possibilities are endless. Who knew cuteness could be so affordable?!

Measurements & Specifications:
8″ long, 2″ deep, 2″ high
Fully lined with vintage fabric
Zipper closure

flowered w/ blue zipper SOLD thank you!

Family & Creativity

Good morning…actually, it’s just after noon but it still feels like morning. I’m still in my PJs. We had a sleep over with my two nephews last night and their mom just picked them up. We had fun dressing up with Mr. Potato Head pieces. Cooper is down for a nap so I logged on for a quick blog entry.

I’ve been in a super creative mood lately and there are just so many ideas flying through my brain. I want to make so many things and there is just so little time in a day! I decided to re-organize a portion of my workspace recently, which has helped to spark some inspiration. There’s something about seeing my ribbon all in a row that makes me feel good. I moved my cork board from it’s old spot and hung it right over my ironing board so I’d be more likely to hang things from it. It’s now my “inspriation board”. Then I hung a favorite print of my sister’s next to it. On the other side, closest to my cutting table, I hung a cool wrought iron planter box decoration I picked up at JoAnn Fabrics. It works well to hold my baby food and mason jars full of push pins, cutting tools, and various other things. Then, my favorite part of the re-org was hanging an old white shelf that I got at a yard sale YEARS ago. I wanted to hang it in a baby’s room but when Coop came around, it didn’t go with the theme really. I screwed two old curtain rod brackets to the bottom shelf so that I could hang all of my ribbon. They used to be in a shoe box all crowded and cramped and unorganized. Now they are in plain sight and I will be able to use them more easily. Lastly, I hung my thread spool holders on the wall instead of them taking up space on the table. Now I have more room to spread projects out while I’m sewing. That, my friends is my workspace upgrade. Ta-daaaaa!